Cloud Architect

What are we  looking for?

Are you enthusiastic about cloud migrations and breaking monoliths to microservices or even all the way up to serverless? Then you might just be what we are looking for!

Your tech stack could look something like this: Scripting, Infrastructure as a code (Terraform, Chef, Puppet, Ansible), On-Prem and public clouds (Openstack, AWS, GCP, Azure), (No)SQL, CI/CD systems, Serverless, a couple of programming languages

What we’d like to see is a proven track-record in software development and multiple years of relevant work experience in the field. It doesn’t hurt to have a few relevant certificates either. Consulting experience is appreciated, but not mandatory. However, great soft skills skills are essential for succeeding as a consultant.

We hope that you are an independent and confident individual who’s not afraid to take on the challenges our customers hope us to solve. In return, we’ll offer lots of freedom and responsibility, and compensate you like the top of their field professionals deserve.

What’s in it for you?

By joining Mavericks, you’ll get the best of two worlds: the freedom and compensation of a software freelancer as well as the safety and benefits of employment. Flat organization, transparency and the fairest compensation of the market are all built into our operating model. Sales, administration, equipment – it’s all taken care of, enabling you to focus 100% on the assignment.

The fairest compensation – All our consultants are generously paid based on the revenue they bring in. The salary basis is the same for everyone. No salary discussions, equally fair treatment.

Top projects to choose from – Our consultants can freely choose their projects from customers big and small, domestic and international. In addition to our own sales, we collaborate with top software consultancies to find the most interesting projects for our consultants.

Trust and flexibility – We are a group of adult professionals. We take good care of our customers and while doing so, we get to impact how, where and how much we work.

Simple and transparent – For us, simple means efficient, clear and extremely transparent. Every aspect of the business is communicated openly. This way everyone shares an understanding of our business and can give valuable insight to how to improve as a company.

How to apply?

Leave us your contact information with your CV and /or LinkedIn -profile and we’ll get back to you asap!

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