Hei Norge!

Mavericks is a software consultancy with a simple mission – to make consulting more fair and transparent for both customers and consultants. Thanks to our streamlined business model, we can provide premium software consultants with competitive pricing. As our customer, you don’t pay for the brand or organizational overhead but the actual work. As our consultant, it is you who reap the rewards of your work.

The idea of Mavericks born in 2018 and followed by rapid growth in Finland, we are now setting focus on Norway!

98 K
Avg. monthly pay (NOK)
150 %
Annual Growth
130 M
Turnover (NOK)
Why Join Mavericks?

Get the best of two worlds: The salary level and freedom of a software freelancer and employment’s benefits, safety net and sales machinery.


All our consultants are generously paid based on the revenue they bring in. The salary basis is the same for everyone. No salary discussions, equally fair treatment.


Our consultants can freely choose their projects from customers big and small, domestic and international.


We are a group of adult professionals. We take good care of our customers and while doing so, we get to impact how, where and how much we work.


For us, simple means efficient, clear and extremely transparent. Every aspect of the business is communicated openly. This way everyone shares an understanding of our business and can give valuable insight to how to improve as a company.

Calculate Your Compensation

We work with a commission based salary and believe it is just fair that you get the bigger cut. Therefore, at least 70% of what you bring in is spent on your salary, resulting in 51% gross salary of your monthly invoicing. Our consultants spend very few hours on the bench, but even when they do we provide a minimum salary of 40K NOK per month. Hourly price always varies by project, but the average being 1200 NOK per hour.

90 NOK/h

158 h/mo

Gross salary
Annual salary (incl. holiday pay)

Open Positions

Below are a few profiles that we are constantly looking for. No worries if you can’t find
yourself there – if you’re great at what you do, we would love to hear from you!

Curious to join Mavericks?

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Our Offering

This is why Mavericks is a great partner for augmenting your team.


All of our professionals are senior software consultants capable of adding expertise to your team from the get-go.


You only pay for the value you get, and that money is spent on rewarding the consultant. That's why we can offer premium quality with competitive pricing.


Our project turnover is lower than the industry standard. We are committed and motivated to help our customers instead of constantly chasing after something new.


As a member of the Witted Group, in addition to our ever-growing team we can provide access to 3500+ software professionals. You ask, we provide.


Stian Rekdal Nielsen

Business Lead

+47 917 03 734