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Norway’s Rocky Future in Digital Currency

I recently had the privilege to pitch the introduction of digital currency to the norwegian government. The answer was “This is interesting, but the trust in the classical banking system is especially strong in Norway, and therefore a pilot group

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Nordland Publishing’s Books will be sent to the National Library today.

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Tilbyr nå: Privat trening (Mac, iPhone, iPad)

En av mine mest populære tjenester fra de siste årene er nå tilgjengelig, personlig i Oslo-området eller over PC (Skype / TeamViewer). På Norsk, Engelsk, Tysk. Du er litt for opptatt / vet du ikke hvor du skal begynne å finne veien

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Why it is important that Project Managers have subject matter expertise.

This satiric piece shows what happens if team management and experts have problems in communication, and why it is important for management and experts to work on the same page – in this case, subject matter expertise. Don’t be silly

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