Joining Nordland Publishing

As of this week, i am joining Nordland Publishing as a Partner and Head of Business Strategy and Development.

I met Michael and Katie over a simple magazine design just a few weeks ago, and we immediately connected – you know the feeling when a team just works. They both are equipped with raw talent, and i find that very sexy in a business sort of way. We all have a deep connection to Norway and we will work together in the future to getting your words and ideas out there into the wild.

From now on we will focus on publishing not only known authors in an innovative way that includes all possible, modern distribution channels, but we will also help young and aspiring authors with mentoring and empowering them getting their word out. Empowering people is an issue that is – and was – always close to my heart.

We have interesting, bold ideas and projects in the pipeline, so stay tuned.

You can find us here:

Follow the North Road!

– Markus