is the best norwegian hosting service

Just have to quickly share a great support experience i had.

Most people write long rants if they have a bad customer experience. I just want to say that the support of my current host, has been consistently stellar. I get quick answers within minutes – even in the middle of the night – and deep technical support for setting up / changing my cPanel information. I never had that kind of experience before with ANY free tech support.

But yesterday was just the cherry on top. Since one of my posts got global recognition over reddit and was going (moderately) viral, i wrote an E-Mail what to do in this case and how quickly i can upgrade my bandwidth to a higher tier webhosting package (webhotell). Turns out, i could have done that quickly at my settings, and everyone would have been happy.

The support was a bit curious what was going on and which website it was, so i sent them a link. I got this reply within minutes:

Turns out, i needed the upgrade, because my monthly limit was reached within 6 hours. A tip of the hat to you, kind Sir.