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Book Promotion Teaser

Made for facebook, we got to a reach of 30k people / 11k video views with high engagement the first night – no paid promotion. Direct link: ————— Six times World Championship Twirlsport athlete, Cirque du Soleil special events artist,

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Subscriber Management System for Norwegian Media Company

A backend System for a Norwegian-based media company that aims to make Subscriber Management much easier / more efficient. Screengrabs from customer presentation (wireframes).

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Corporate Design & User Experience for Nightlife App

The customer wanted to combine two popular Nightlife Apps into one consistent package with a strong social focus. This is the result. (Screengrabs from customer presentation). Watch it on Vimeo in Full HD:

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Syrian refugee crisis – how to help

My homebase in Oslo just hosted a drop-in course for syrian refugees and other asylum seekers – brainstorming business ideas. What a great idea! I believe this is the right approach: Self-Empowerment. If you are a refugee or asylum seeker in Norway,

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Culture & Art Channel Rebranding

Rebranding of the Norwegian Information, Culture & Art Channel (NORICAC), operating on YouTube. First draft.

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