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Two of my clients share their first experience holding their book in their hands.

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Subscriber Management System for Norwegian Media Company

A backend System for a Norwegian-based media company that aims to make Subscriber Management much easier / more efficient. Screengrabs from customer presentation (wireframes).

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Book Teaser

My partner at Nordland Publishing played around a little with online marketing tools and ordered an auto-generated teaser for his new book. While the generated effects are impressive, the pacing / content left a lot to be desired. Check it out here.

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Corporate Design & User Experience for Nightlife App

The customer wanted to combine two popular Nightlife Apps into one consistent package with a strong social focus. This is the result. (Screengrabs from customer presentation). Watch it on Vimeo in Full HD:

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Culture & Art Channel Rebranding

Rebranding of the Norwegian Information, Culture & Art Channel (NORICAC), operating on YouTube. First draft.

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Vending Machine UX Concept

UX concept design for a norwegian mini shop / marketing and communication channel.    

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Tilbyr nå: Privat trening (Mac, iPhone, iPad)

En av mine mest populære tjenester fra de siste årene er nå tilgjengelig, personlig i Oslo-området eller over PC (Skype / TeamViewer). På Norsk, Engelsk, Tysk. Du er litt for opptatt / vet du ikke hvor du skal begynne å finne veien

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Joining Nordland Publishing

As of this week, i am joining Nordland Publishing as a Partner and Head of Business Strategy and Development. I met Michael and Katie over a simple magazine design just a few weeks ago, and we immediately connected – you

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Get your IT to work for you, not for Microsoft

Delta Airlines recently announced that they will start to use Microsoft Surface 2 tablet computers as “Electronic Flight Bags”. This move comes as a surprise, especially because Delta already began trials with iPads and it further started to buy thousands

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Yes Men? No Thanks!

The following article is from Sir Richard Bransons Blog. I couldn’t agree more. What a fitting way to start this Site :D It’s nice when people agree, but if everyone thought along the same lines all the time, nothing would

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